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Crowned By Thorns, LLC. was created by Tayla while attending college at Florida State University. Tayla had a dream. In that dream, Tayla was reminded of her worth through the vision of seeing herself sitting on a throne chair.

The following day, Crowned By Thorns, LLC. was birthed. 

Crowned By Thorns, LLC.  is a business changing the narrative of our clients. Crowned By Thorns breaks barriers as a one-of-a-kind diversified business. We challenge typical business models by combining multi-passions into a wholesome design experience for our clients. I remember sketching clothes in elementary school - that formed the pathway to my love for fashion shows and design. I remember my first official job as a birthday party host - that formed the path of my event planning career. The rest was history!

xoxoxo, Tayla C. ♥

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